Identity is Organic

I don’t know how else to say it.  I tend to write about how you can create or shape identity.  It’s definitely my default perspective, but there is the dimension of identity that just happens to you.  It’s the life stuff or your relationships that shape us sometimes.

No matter how much you plan and practice an identity – sometimes life just happens.  You can’t help it.  There are countless examples of things in your life happening that impacts an identity.  You can lose a job or lose a spouse.  You can lose a limb or your car – something.

I guess ultimately, it was some decision you made that put you in a spot where something might happen to you, but sometimes identity just happens to you.  Sometimes no amount of planning can help you.  Life just comes along side and shapes and forms us.  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s actually quite normal.

If you’re struggling with identity – how much of it is beyond your control?  You got any examples?  Does this make sense to you?

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