Dream Killers

You all know these people.  They are the voices in your life that ask you “why?”  Why would you try that?  Why would you even think this way?  Why?

I am not sure if you have many people like this in your life.  Don’t get me wrong – we need some wisdom in our lives.  There are people that that speak into my life, but none of them give me a dumb look and ask my “why?”

We need people in our lives that ask us “why not?”  No matter how dumb or how stupid – they are the ones that support us.  We live in a world where it’s much easier to make fun and ask why then to say “why not?”

If you listen to people that tell just say “why,” you’ll never start things.  You’ll never accomplish anything because they kill your dreams.  I love my friends that are like this.  They help me to think beyond myself.  Don’t get me wrong – I have limits.  I may not know my limits, but I have no time for those people that don’t know my limits and ask me “why?”  They are the dream killers.  Let me dream.

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