Dismiss Your Dream

All it takes is one person to Dismiss Your Dream.  All it takes is one person to give you a negative comment about how dumb your dream is to dash it.  What’s sad is that sometimes it’s the people that you love and that truly love you that sometimes dash your dreams.  Sometimes it happens when you’re a little kid – barely old enough to know the difference.

I wrote about Dream Killers just 10 days ago.

The thing is though, if it takes only one person to Dismiss Your Dream, it only takes one person that will support your dream and not tell you that it’s wacky to get you going again.  It only takes one person that has the presence of mind to ask someone else, what’s your dream?  If they don’t have one, help them get one.  If they do have one – no matter how crazy – support them with a “why not?”

We need to learn how to dream again.  Just because someone else’s dream didn’t come true for them – doesn’t mean that it can’t come true for you.  So Dream On.  That’s my dream.

2 thoughts on “Dismiss Your Dream

  1. Your post for me is really about the power of words. How they are alive, and take on a life of their own when they are spoken over us negatively or positively. They say sticks and stones will break your bones, and words will never hurt you, I do feel this is a lie, words can cause more pain, than a broken bone.

    Great post Lem

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