Watch This

So here are some dangerous words.  What would happen right after you told some of your best friends – “Watch This!”?  What would you do?  What would happen?  Or go back and think about something that you’ve actually done after you’ve said the words – “Watch This!”  What happened?  What did you do?

Did you do something to someone else?  Did you do something to yourself?  Did you mess with your kids or your nephew?  What did you do?

What happens after you say the words “Watch This” says something about your identity.

2 thoughts on “Watch This

  1. You know I actually don’t remember doing that for the longest time. Last time I said “Watch This!” I was probably a child. Now I think it’s something I silently say in my head when I am feeling uber confident and about to sing a karaoke song. 🙂

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