Confession and Identity

I don’t know what you think about when you hear the word Confession.  Maybe you picture something that happens in church with a priest.  Maybe it’s just a tough conversation with your friend.  Maybe you write it down.  Confession though is a great affirmation of identity.

Think about what happens in confession.  Confession is a moment that you are honest with yourself and with whoever you are confessing to.  It’s who you are.  It’s what you do or what you’ve done that you share with someone.  There is a freedom that comes with confession.  It’s a freedom to be you and it’s a realization of true self.

Confession is not something that many of us are any good at.  Confession is not something that we practice much any more.  Confession is a practice that we really didn’t bring from the Old Country.  We don’t know how to be honest with others, and we don’t know how to be honest with ourselves.  I’m speaking from experience here so maybe it’s just me, but confession is powerful in affirming our identities.

Confession is truth.  Confessions reveals your true self.  If you don’t believe me, try it.  Go to a friend and confess just one thing.  Let me know how it feels.  Let me know how it goes.

Check out the audio extra that I added to the post by clicking below.

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