That’s my BMI – Body Mass Index.  I’m overweight according to the numbers.  I’m closer to obese than I am normal.  According to the calculator, I’m about 21 lbs overweight.  Not sure where I’m going to find 21 lbs., but according to the calculator – I need to figure out where I can lose 21 lbs.  Maybe I can get a haircut or something.

Now for those of you that don’t know what the BMI is, it’s a measure to determine an individual’s appropriate weight.  If you are low or high on your BMI, you are more susceptible to diseases because of it.  Now there’s all sorts of issues and concerns with the BMI.  You can check it out on the internet.

The identity insight for me is that the BMI gives you an identity.  It determines whether you are normal or overweight or obese.  Even with all of the issues and concerns, people will use this number to determine your identity.

You are not your BMI.  Maybe you are just super muscular – muscle weighs more.  There are so many ways where the BMI doesn’t work so don’t let some measurement determine your identity.

For me, I need to cut down on my eating because I’m overweight.  Hahahahaha.


10 thoughts on “28.1%

  1. So true! In terms of weight, BMI doesn’t take a lot of things into account, so it’s not always the best measurement to go off. In terms of personality, well… it doesn’t take anything into account so nobody should ever be determined based on that number.

    1. Thanks for commenting. It’s so true isn’t it? It isn’t the best measurement, but it’s a tool.
      As long as it doesn’t get us down right. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is a useful tool, but not the only one. I am working on lowering mine too, so far I have done well over 100 pounds, still some way to go, but I will get there, walking one step at a time. I think the best way is small changes – more walking, less soda, or mindless calories. It is amazing how much tiny changes really affect the overall picture. You can do it, if you want to!

    1. Wow. Well done. I only want to lose like 10 lbs. Maybe 15 lbs. I like that it’s just cutting out little things. That’s totally doable.
      Thanks for the comment.

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