The Home Screen

Everything leaks identity.

You know how they say that you can tell a lot about a person by taking a look at their checkbook and calendar – well, that was a saying before smartphones. You don’t need to look at 2 things any longer. Technically, you can simplify things and just look at the homescreen of your phone. I wouldn’t ask you for the details of your checkbook. Most of you probably don’t even do that any more because your phone app much more accurate. I pay for things with my phone. I don’t carry around checks. I haven’t ordered checks in years.

All you need to get insight into identity is a screen shot of the home screen of the phone. You can learn a lot about someone’s identity by checking it out. Is it an iphone or an android phone? That tells me a lot. Verizon? AT&T? Are the apps color coordinated? In alphabetical order? Of the 50+ apps you have on your phone, what makes the home screen?

Here is mine. I haven’t changed anything for this post. What does this say about my identity? Would you be willing to share your homescreen shot? email it to me. I’ll add it to the post.

Here are the ones that I’ve gotten so far. Some are trying to figure out how to get a screenshot of their homescreen:

Tof Lee @toflee

Margaret Ann Schaff

Scott Wayne Bell

Ilyana Garcia


Eric Thomas Tolzmann

Brent Oglesby – @brentoglesby


Daniel Araujo – @danielaraujo


Megan Orr


Scott Swingle

4 thoughts on “The Home Screen

  1. I am willing to share it with you but I don’t really know how. I mean I could totally figure out the homescreen shot deal but for some reason wp app on my phone doesn’t work. I can’t sign in. But would you also need to look at your homescreen of your IPAD too if you had one or do people keep those the same? I’m not wealthy enough to have one at this point so I don’t know. Or my buddy doesn’t have a smartphone what does that say? lol

    1. So Jace, you gonna send me your screenshot? Don’t you have an iphone? top button and home button.

      I also like what you said about the iPad. Having one says something about you. Then what you have on your homescreen says something about you. Your buddy has what they call a dumbphone. It says that he’s smart.

      Thanks for the commment. Also, I want to have you on my podcast. Let me know.

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