A Journey into Fantasy

I heard this line a few days ago.  It made me think of a few things.

First of all, I don’t think of fantasy as something that you have to journey to.  I always think that fantasy is always going to be there.  I don’t think of the journey into fantasy.  It’s like you   What do you think of when you think about that line?

Second, as I thought about it, I starting thinking about all the different levels of fantasy that there might be.  You might think of fantasy as something that you just do in your mind.  You might think of fantasy as something that you dress up for and watch tv.  You might think of fantasy as something real life that you do – beyond dressing up, you really get into it.  Either way, fantasy is an escape from reality.

Third is the identity insight for me.  No matter what fantasy is for you – what does it reveal about your identity.  Is your fantasy something that you can make happen in your life one day?  Is fantasy something that you really have to escape to because the real life is just not that good?  Does anyone know about your fantasy?  Is it a secret?

Whatever your fantasy is, it really says something about you.  I thought about this a bit for myself.  I was pretty interested in some of the things that I might consider a fantasy.  I need to do something thinking about why these might be fantasies for me.  Why do I think these things are important?  What does it say about me?  It might give me insight into my identity, but I gotta do the work of thinking through it to figure out why these fantasies are my fantasies.

I’ll tell you what I come up with when I have thought about it.  Think through your fantasies.  What insights do you gain from thinking about it?

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