Successful but Defeated

I heard someone use this phrase this weekend?  They were talking about people who are Successful but Defeated.  I had never put those 2 things together, but it really does describe so many identities that I’ve seen.  I think I resonate with that personally as well.  As soon as I heard it, a lightbulb went on where I just thought – that makes sense.

As you might think, this phrase describes someone that from the outside is successful, but struggling on the inside and feeling defeated – for whatever reason.  How many people do you know that seem to have it all together?  You see the success, but then you talk to them and hear their heart and they’re struggling.  It’s an identity that you can get stuck in.  I am not sure who reads this post, but I wanted to share it because if you it describes you, a light bulb might go off as well and give you some sense of understanding when you hear the phrase.

Now you have a phrase that helps you understand.

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