100 Free Throws

Larry Bird is a retired Hall of Fame basketball player.  I loved watching him play.  I wanted to shoot the ball like him, but I didn’t put in the work that he did.

He made a Pact with Himself to shoot 100 free throws in a row after every practice and game.  It was just his deal.  100 perfectly made shots.  If he bricks the 99th shot – he starts over.  It was the commitment to himself that he made.  He wouldn’t settle for less.  If he went home at 2am – that was when he went home.  100 free throws.  Now, no worries.  He was a great shooter.  I’m sure he spent many nights just shooting 100 free throws then he went home.  He made the commitment to himself and to his sport that he would do this.

You might not be an NBA player.  I doubt any NBA player reads this blog – but you need to figure out your 100 Free Throws.  Make a commitment to yourself and your sport or your industry or your institution or whatever it is that you.  After every game and practice, sit at the proverbial free throw line and make 100 Free Throws.  That level of commitment just might get you in the Hall of Fame – maybe not the basketball one, but it’ll definitely get you to where you need to go.

What is it?  100 words?  100 pages?  100 pictures?  100 steps?  100 pushups?  100 proposals?  100 contacts?  100 phone calls?

Do things that people won’t – have things that people don’t.

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