The Range of Comfortable

Take any aspect of your life.  There is a range that you are comfortable with – no matter what aspect you think about.

For instance – when it comes to food, we all have a range of types of foods and tastes that we are comfortable.  Andrew Zimmern has a wide range of tastes that he’s comfortable with – so much so that he has a show about it.

When it comes to clothes, you have a range of clothes that you are comfortable with.  Some wear briefs.  Some where boxers.  Others wear boxer briefs, and still others don’t wear anything at all.

When it comes to weather, there’s the Upper Mid-West and then there’s San Diego.  Is one better than the other?  It depends on the range of comfortable.

A future post that I want to write about will be the emotional range.

Each aspect of your life has a range of possibilities and within each range is what you’re comfortable with.   All of these insights reveals much about your identity.  Just a thought.

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