Exploring can Look like Disobedience

I have written about Exploring and how that is part of the identity formation process. Do a search for Exploring on the blog and you’ll find some posts.

Exploring possible identities helps you to develop your identity. You can try on different identities to see which one’s fit. You try them on to see if they’re comfortable. Exploring can be such a good thing for identity formation. Sometimes though, Exploring can Look like Disobedience.

Exploring = good.
Disobedience = not good.
Exploring that can look like disobedience = can be good?

I guess it depends on who you are disobeying. Exploring and identity is a good thing. It helps to develop your sense of identity and self. Disobedience is not a good thing – especially for the person that you are disobeying.

But what I am talking about here is exploring that CAN LOOK like disobedience. It’s not the same as disobeying. I’m definitely not advocating disobedience. I am definitely advocating exploring – but do the kind of exploring that just LOOKS like disobedience – don’t actually disobey.

Make sense? Maybe I’m just giving you permission to do something – to explore. I guess where ever you go in light of this information tells me about your identity.

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