People that Give You Energy

I heard this line today.  I’ve also been reading about it – this connectedness that is possible with people – even on a sub-conscious level.  Very interesting.

I like the idea of people that give me energy.  Selfishly, I like it when I am energized.  It’s great when you hang out with people that just energize you – to do more; to go further; to complete the task.  You name it.  People that give you energy help you to become more you.

The identity insight for me is that the people that energize you strengthens your identity.

Conversely though – all of this can be said of the person that drains you of energy – except for the energizing part.

One thought on “People that Give You Energy

  1. I’ve had this experience all the time and it’s based on who I’m around energy wise. Some people suck the life out of you energy wise. They can come into a room and suddenly the whole room is static with negativity or bad energy. Other people feel calm and soothing and it is all subconscious we sense and feel these things. At least I always have.

    People with good energy are great to be around, not that we don’t have a bad day now and then (of course we can) I’m talking about people who “seem” one way and “feel” another. It’s really like intuition where we sense them on an undertow level.

    It’s all very interesting. 🙂

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