Being Digital

It is a reality for many of us today.  We definitely live digital lives.  Even my 3 year old niece is starting to develop her digital presence.  She is a digital native and can navigate her way through anyone’s iphone and find the things that she wants to find – YouTube, photos, videos – you name it.

I was listening to a talk on our Virtual existence, and the person speaking was making the point that our digital experiences disconnect us from ourselves.  My initial reaction is that my entire dissertation completely goes against that idea, but I have to consider the many great points that they make.  It might disconnect you to yourself, but as long as it’s part of the process of becoming your true self, then I’d be okay with it.  I need to chew on it more and develop a well-thought out opinion about it.  This post definitely is not that, but I wanted to at least write it down and see what kind of comments it might generate.

Do you think that Being Digital disconnects you from your self?  Does it disconnect you from others?  Or do the tools bring us together in a new way?  What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Being Digital

  1. We have 100+ people attending our Live Stream church service every week. it is of very marginal production quality, has never been promoted or advertised and is totally organic. It has made me sit up and notice a group of people identifying with this type of community. I’ve had conversations with a few of them. Some from as far away as South Africa. I think it is definitely bringing us together in a new way. When I am literally doing church with people from all around the world, I think that makes being digital relevant.

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