Sit Outside

I’ve had lots of time lately to Sit Outside.  It’s been so nice.  My office at work doesn’t have windows to see the outside world.  I can be in there for hours at a time and not see the outside.  It’s really nice to just sit outside.  There’s something about it.

It helps me to connect with the stillness and the present.  I make myself so busy sometimes that I just need to make time to reconnect with myself.  Sitting outside – at least for me – creates the space to just be.  I need to plan those times.  I need times of stillness and quiet – and at night – with the sound of whatever animals are around, I can just be still.  I can be present.  I can just sit and listen and reconnect.  As soon as I put away the laptop, I’m going to get back to stillness and quiet.  It’s nice.

I hope that you have some reconnecting time with yourself – today.  If it’s sitting outside – do that.  Whatever it is, I hope you get to spend some time doing so.

One thought on “Sit Outside

  1. Even though the outside elements really stir up my allergies, I do make time to be outside. I go on runs and photo walks. Yes, there;s something about being outside. I’m different and free….and sneezy! Lol! But it’s ok.

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