The Willpower Muscle

So I heard this idea awhile back. Have you ever thought about the Willpower Muscle or have you even thought about your willpower lately?

Just like all of your muscles, we all need a willpower workout – maybe that should’ve been the title for this post. We all need to workout our willpower so that we can get them stronger, bigger, faster, better. We all need a willpower workout plan.

I’m not even going to talk about what you need willpower over – we all have something that can overtake our lives. Working out your Willpower Muscle makes you stronger and gives you and edge over whatever vice or habit exercises its will over you.

So put a plan together. Start off light. Don’t strain your muscles. And in this case – go high reps with low weight so that you can get some willpower definition.

Let’s workout together. Future post = Willpower Trainers.


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