Identity Decisions

They shape identity.  Whether you spend lots of time thinking about them or not, your decisions shape who you become.  You are who you are today because of decisions that you’ve made.  You can probably think of decisions that you’ve made that have shaped your sense of identity and self.

But there are those decisions that you aren’t even aware of or conscious of that have shaped your sense of identity and self.  You have either forgotten them or are just not aware of these decisions that you’ve made – and it has had an incredible impact on your identity.

The thing is, you can’t even begin to think of these things because you have no awareness of them.  Think about that.  You can’t know what you’re not aware of.  Maybe one day you’ll be made aware of it, but no amount of thinking hard on it will make you aware of those decisions that you are unaware of that has shaped you.

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