It’s Easy to Love Your Neighbor if You Live in the Right Neighborhood

I heard that line and connected with it. There were some initial thoughts that came to mind when I first heard it.

– No matter what neighborhood you live in, you’re still to love your neighbor.
– That means I have to know my neighbor.
– I need to also know my neighborhood.
– Sometimes, loving your neighbor is not easy.
– This doesn’t mean that I should leave my neighborhood.

I’m convicted about not knowing who my neighbors are. Can I love them without knowing them? Probably not.

It also makes me think about all the things that I can do to find myself in a better neighborhood, but why don’t I just naturally and initially think about just loving them. Clearly, I got a ways to go on this.

What do you think? Are you in the right neighborhood?

One thought on “It’s Easy to Love Your Neighbor if You Live in the Right Neighborhood

  1. In my case, I didn’t have the choice of picking my ideal neighborhood. Nevertheless, I still need to be a good neighbor regardless if I have a bad neighbor. It starts with me. True story.

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