Cultural Programming

You are shaped by the stories that you hear and the storytellers that share them.

This week, I had the privilege or speaking a the Joshua Wilderness Institute at Hume Lake.  It was such a great time.  I got to record a podcast with Rich – the Academic Dean at JWI.  You can check that out here.

We got to talk about culture and identity.  We all have a cultural narrative that is running behind the scenes that governs our values and beliefs.  We have been programmed to think and like certain things.  We have been programmed to like certain smells and food.  It helps when we are aware of some of the things that have shaped our perspectives – especially when you go to a culture that’s different than yours.

Cultural programming is just another way of looking at identity formation.  The culture that you grew up in has shaped you.  The cultural programming that you have experienced is tied closely to your sense of identity and self.

When you think of your cultural programming – what comes to mind first?

4 thoughts on “Cultural Programming

      1. Hello Lem, I am old(er). I see now history shaped me – major events from within sociopolitical events shaped by more than one culture. There are the traditional teachings given by family and community. The ‘culture of the sixties’ as presented and shaped/massaged by media influenced me. My chosen profession and philosophy of education shaped me, teachers and educational thinkers from current time and centuries ago. I am a United Benneton Person – if you get this reference. I do not see how anyone can grow up in cultural isolation anymore unless they live in a closed community. I think of children in Hutterite communities in Canada but even there a leniency is being shown with allowance of some, restricted exposure to media. We grow more together?

      2. I do remember the Benneton advertisements. Bright colors. Diversity. Great clothes too.

        We definitely don’t live in cultural isolation any longer. We are shaped the the stories that are told to us – even if we don’t hear them directly.

        Thanks for the comment. Sounds so interesting. Sounds like a great podcast episode.

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