Weird Together

I could’ve called this host a community of weirdos. Instead I chose to call it by this title. I have been listening to talks about how subcultures and how people in subcultures find each other. It’s a part of our identity formation to find a community where we fit.

You may not be in the main stream, but it is helpful to find a community of people just like you. Some people never find a community of other people like them. Some people just go about their lives by themselves and never really find the strength. There is safety in the community.

You can find your identity in community. No matter how weird you are, it is possible to become more yourself and more your identity in community.

You might be normal, but it works the same. We all need community in order to find out who we are. We all need community in order to be more who we are. We need community in order to figure out.

*This is my first post that I have written using speak to text.  It changes the experience a bit.

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