Date a Few Ambitions

I got this line from a Donald Miller post.  He gives this suggestion.  He says to “date around” – vocation-wise, passion-wise, experience-wise.  Actually, I would include dating around as that might help you figure out some ambitions.

It’s about Dating Around Smartly – With Purpose.  Man, does that sound like a cheesy title for a popular Christian book that needs to be written.

What Don suggests in his post is to explore identity.  He gives you permission to try different things and experience a version of yourself as you experience new things.

In identity development – we can think of experiences of new things as just that – simply the experience of something new.  I think that sometimes we need to experience new things as a new experience of a version of ourselves.  Date a few ambitions – but do so in such a way that you experience yourself more fully.

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