Spiritual Abuse

Living in Fear – that could be another title for this post.

I first heard about Spiritual Abuse when I was in grad school.  One of my professors was doing some pretty good work on Spiritual Abuse.

I heard a talk yesterday about growing up in an environment of fear – as opposed to an environment of love or grace.  We don’t talk much about Spiritual Abuse.  It’s probably not even an available condition – I’m not even sure how it becomes an available condition.  Whether it’s an official thing or not – it happens.  People grow up in a context of spiritual intellectualism and an environment of fear.  As my professor taught us – it’s Spiritual Abuse.

Have you ever met anyone that has a life narrative that looks like this?  Did you grow up in this kind of fear environment?  This shapes your identity.  Sadly, it’s much more common than we think.

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