The Story You Tell Yourself

The thing about the Story You Tell Yourself is that you don’t even know or are even aware of the fact that you’re telling the story to yourself. You can’t help yourself. You can’t stop yourself. You don’t even know that you’re telling yourself a story, but here’s the deal – we all tell ourselves a story.

Sometimes the story is a positive one – where you can do it and you’re successful no matter what. Sometimes the story is a negative one – where you just cut yourself down and hurt your own feelings. In both of these cases, you tell a story to yourself – and you don’t even know that that’s the story you’re telling. It’s the nature of the story you tell yourself.

I am not sure that I can tell you how to become aware of the story. I don’t have one way to help you figure it out. In fact, I’m not all that good at it myself. I need help from people to help me do that – typically with questions.

Isn’t it interesting that You Tell a Story to Yourself, but you need someone else – someone that doesn’t know what the story is – to help you figure it out.

You can then change the story that you tell once you figure out the story that you are telling – if you don’t like the story.

2 thoughts on “The Story You Tell Yourself

  1. Would the truth still be a story, or is that a different category? I think sometimes it is important for us to tell ourselves a more positive story, and other times we need to hear the truth. But we need to learn to expel the just plain negative stories that are lies for sure.

    1. The truth would be a good story. The point is that there is a story – even when we don’t know the story. You’re quite right though – the negative stories don’t help.
      I would add that stories about Truth – without grace doesn’t help either. A story of just truth – leads us to become arrogant punks. The story needs to be one of Grace and Truth – that’s a good and positive story. A story about just Truth – without grace – that can be a negative one – that’s the one most Christians tell. Gotta love John 1:14.
      Miss you bro.

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