The Death of the Craft

This is not an original idea. This is just a post about my initial ideas about it. I didn’t even know what to call this post – but it has to do with the Death of the Craft. What I mean by that – is that there was a time when you actually needed some talent and expertise in your craft in order to be any good at it.

Today, we rely on technology and the tools to help us be an expert – excuse me – just look and seem like an expert.

It is possible to auto-tune voices when you record a song. There is this magical button that one can press to makes even the most regular singer good enough to get played on the radio. You can hide behind a filter. Shoot – you don’t even need to know how to spell or even write in cursive any more because the computer does it for you. You don’t even need to know how to type any more.

What it does though is it makes everything perfect. Almost too perfect. Does that make sense?

Art – the kind that I like – isn’t perfect. You can still see the humanity in the art – and it’s not perfect. There’s nothing wrong with perfect. We’ve been conditioned to try and make things perfect, but we just aren’t. Why should our art be?

Can you think of a singer that has a record or a music video – that isn’t even that good at singing? You know you’re thinking of someone – or at least you’ve heard someone say it.

Everyone’s an expert these days. Everyone’s a photographer. Everyone has a channel. Anyone can make videos and post articles. Everyone’s an expert and there is just so much noise.

I think we are so starved for great art. There are those that are still making it, but they are the ones that know their craft. They are the ones that are working hard at it.

Does this make sense?

What’s your art? What’s your craft? Please share it with me – because I’d love to share it with people that I know that would appreciate your expertise in your craft.

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