Honest and Spontaneous Expression

I’m really not super good at this. Are you? Do you have the ability to just express what it is you’re feeling right at that moment?

I’m not that great at this. I need to learn it. I also need to learn to to express it in a way that communicates my feelings – as opposed to you did this to me. I think that’s a much more natural inclination for me.

It is helpful to be able to express your feelings – no matter what it is. It’s your feelings. It’s okay to be assertive like that.

Now it’s not so nice when you say it to put someone else down. That’s not being assertive. That’s just being a jerk.

We can do this by expressing I-messages – the brainchild of Dr. Thomas Gordon Parent Effectiveness Training.

I think it gives us great insight into our identity when we are able to communicate Honestly and Spontaneously. It shows a connection that you might have with yourself and your feelings. Tell me what you think. Honestly and Spontaneously Express it in the comments below.

One thought on “Honest and Spontaneous Expression

  1. For me, open, honest, spontaneous is governed by context. As a teacher, my ‘feelings’ are best kept to myself. I love all children’s art creations equally. As someone at a meeting, I mask ‘feelings’ for self-protection and know it’s a meeting and not a gestalt session. However, with those I have known a long, long time that safe place of intimacy is a place I can share. I learnt, when younger, that off-the-cuff sharing was not always appreciated. That was the 60s. Take care.

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