The Internet Talk is the new Sex Talk

I heard this line on a Podcast.  I believe Jeff Jarvis said it on TWIG.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that the Sex Talk is not important.  It is very important, and it is key that you have that conversation with your kids.  The idea though is that the Internet Talk needs to come first.  If you don’t have that talk before the Sex Talk, your kids will learn it on the Internet.

If you don’t have the Internet Talk first….

– they will see it on Instagram and post pictures in much the same way.

– don’t be surprised when you see SnapChat on your kid’s phone.  Who knows what they’re using that app for?

– someone else with have the Sex Talk with them, and it will not just be text-based and audio.

What’s crazy is that the Internet Talk needs to happen sooner than you would have the Sex Talk.  You know your kid.  You know when you needed to have the Sex Talk with them.  Well, plan on having the Internet Talk sooner than that.  Help them be responsible and model it for them.

The Internet shapes your identity – at any age.  It just tends to do so with in color.

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