How Is Your Soul?

This is a question that I ask pretty often.  I always get an interesting look – especially if I’ve never asked you this question before.  It’s really something that I want to know, but we aren’t used to thinking about how we’re doing – at the depth of “soul.”

When I ask about your soul, it is a level of ‘how are you doing’ at a much deeper level – the soul level.  It’s where most things start.  Depending on your definition of soul – it isn’t simply a how are you doing on the surface.  Inherent in this soul question is the messy stuff and the hard stuff.  I heard someone yesterday talk about the ‘swampland of the soul.’  An interesting picture for sure.

When I ask this question, that’s the level that I am interested in.  That’s where alot of the identity stuff happens.  Identity work is not easy.  It’s swampland stuff.  It takes courage and bravery to do identity work – at the level of the soul.

So – How is Your Soul?


4 thoughts on “How Is Your Soul?

  1. Soul: the seat of our intellect, emotion/experience, and will. The physical body, with its trappings and intents, is only symptomatic of what is going on in the soul.

    You are wise to invite people into such examination of the soul-it is where God wants to engage with us authentically. I would say that this is where all the true identity “stuff” happens.

    Keep it up!

    1. Wow. That’s deep. Maybe even deeper than I was thinking – but it is always so interesting to see where people go in themselves when you ask the question.
      Thanks for the comment. It definitely is where the identity stuff happens. Thanks for reading.

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