Be an Identity Specialist

or at least write like one.  At the very least, write on this site.  I have always wanted to share it and build a community of people writing about identity.  I need identity specialist or at least people interested in sharing their insights about identity.

You don’t have to have it well researched.  You don’t even have to have it well written – we can edit it.  This is an invite to you to become an identity specialist.  If you have been thinking about identity or have something unique that you’ve thought or read about identity, please share it.  Share it here.  We get some pretty good looks on the ideas, and we just need more voices and more identity specialists sharing.  Let me know.  Please leave a comment here or send a tweet.  You’ve read some of these posts.  It can be long or short.  It just has to be your idea.  Let’s help each other develop our identities – by sharing our ideas.

People need to hear your ideas.  People need your insights.  I know that people are wanting to know about identity and people need help.  I’ve seen the stats on this site and I know what people are looking for.  Will you write a post for the

If you are interested in being a writer for – please fill out this form.


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