Best in the World

…….really doesn’t mean what we think it means does it.

The World Series is only here in the US.  There are world records – and that kinda means the world, but for the most part – Best in the World – means the Best in Your World.  It really doesn’t mean the entire world.  We can barely comprehend that.  Most of us haven’t been to any other parts of the world so we can’t even know what that means.

The world these days means – your world.  Your world-view is only as big as your experience of the world.  Some people never leave their county – that is their world.  I have friends that have been to over 50 countries – and they have a much larger experience that I have of the world (I have only been to 20).

Next time you see someone refer to the world – ask how much of it they’ve experienced or seen.  More than likely, they’re just talking about their world.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  So go out into your world.  Make a difference.  Experience it.  I hope that you get to see and experience as much of it as you can in your life time.

3 thoughts on “Best in the World

  1. In Europe, I think we forget how vast America is, but we also are amused at the idea of best in the world, especially when the world is so vast – it takes something like the Olympics to really put into context – Best in the World.

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