Blame Your Personality

…..or at least hide behind the excuse of it.

Have you ever heard anyone say something like, “…..because of my personality, I can’t……” It’s like they blame their personality for being a certain way or use it as an excuse to not do something.

I’m guilty of it. I’ve used those excuses.

The idea is “I am this way, and because I am this way, I can’t help but be this way.” But that’s just a lame excuse. There’s quite a bit of research that says that you can do it.

I know some of you want to bring up that there are those that really can’t do things because of their personality – and that is true. But they’re not using the excuse or saying it because they can’t help but do it that way.

I guess only the people that use it as an excuse would say such things.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Blame Your Personality

  1. I think it is easy to blame a personality, or come out with comments such as ‘A leopard cannot change its spots’ but I think these can be glib and easy words to hide behind, when the prospect of changing one’s personality is actually perifying.

  2. So easy! I am not a morning person. And I always used that as my excuse to not go to the gym in the morning before work. And here I am… 3 weeks in to getting to the gym (almost) every day before work! It’s EASY to blame your personality for your shortcomings instead of just admitting you’re not good at something or simply don’t want to do something.

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