Here are completely random thoughts about being in the homeland.

I’ve been home for a few days – home meaning the homeland. I have been in the Philippines for the past few days. I’ve sweat the entire time I’ve been here. I’ve also been eating when I am not sleeping or in the car. It’s been quite an experience this time around.

It’s been quite the cultural experience. It’s also been quite an identity experience. This is where I come from. The trash and the lack of discipline on the road is all a part of the experience. I am sitting at a nice mall with my Starbucks coffee – writing this post – sweating still. There are definitely some really nice areas, but it has been such a fascinating experience.

I have had many thoughts – not many that make much sense or any that I can explain, but it’s been such a learning experience. It is a third world country. It is so American in many ways.

One of my friends said – they highlight brands here that we don’t even care about in the states. Brands mean everything here. I guess the better way to put it is the authentic brands are what matters.

My same friend picked up my Oakley’s and asked if they were real. I forget that many of the brands that we love so much in the states are made here, but there are still quite a few knock offs around.

There are quite a bit that I don’t understand. Trinkets – a frivolous thing, but in a poor country a sign of disposable income. Irony. Juxtaposition. Longing. Striving. Working hard, but getting no where. This could have been my life, but it’s not.

I buy with the US dollar mindset. Our cab driver that drove us from the airport to the my aunt’s home makes in a month what I make on a 1.5 hr consulting gig. They work hard.

A decision my parents made decades ago changed all of this for me. I am learning quite a bit about me and my family. I am looking forward to more insights.


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