Take Camp with You

I just spent the past 3 weeks speaking to hundreds of students.  I was thinking about the past few weeks.  I am overwhelmed at the opportunity to get to speak to so many, and even more importantly to hear the stories of so many – completely humbling.  It was fun to try and do something different with the speaking – hopefully, letting the Word do more of the teaching than I.


Regardless, the stories that teens were able to share of things going on at home and in their lives – just says so much about where teens are at today.  I loved hearing the stories and perspectives of those that were at the camps, and for a week, I got to join in on the journey.  I am not about to share the stories, but I am so excited to see how things resolve for so many.  I only heard a handful of stories and long to hear more.  I had so many say quick things and got some thanks, but I do wish that I could hear everyone’s story – well, everyone that wants to share.  That’s hundreds of stories in the past few weeks, and I’d gladly put some time aside to hear everyone of them.


If I could just say one last thing to all the campers that were there for any of the camps – it’s just that it now begins.  Take camp with you.  You learned so much about yourself, and you’re no longer at camp.  The journey just continues.  It is possible to take what you have learned about yourself into a much deeper space – even after leaving camp.  You think you learned so much about yourself – just continue to do the stuff that we did at camp and you can go much deeper into your sense of identity and self.  The deeper you go – the more you will learn about yourself.


It’s back to reality, but you definitely have a different perspective on it.  You can change patterns.  Jump into the process.  Create new story lines.  Write new stories.  Get more 5 word stories written about you.  For some of you, it might not be any easier at this point, but I hope that you are able to go back to your community and let them know.


There are many more stories out there, and I’d love to hear your story.  We can do that here.  Let me know how you are able to Take Camp with You.

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