The Semiotics of Cute Shoes

I once wrote a post about the Semiotics of Clothes. As with most of my posts, I never remember the genesis of the thought, and the thought might not even be novel, but they are mine so I write about them.

I realize that I don’t really understand this particular topic well, but Cute Shoes really make a difference to some.  There is something amazing about cute shoes or a new haircut that enhances an  identity.  I can’t give you any more – mainly because I don’t understand it – but there is something about Cute Shoes that says so much about your identity.

It says – check me out.

It says – I don’t care what you think about me, I’m comfortable.

It says – look at how much I spent on my kicks (or look at how little I spent on my kicks.

It says – check out my legs.

It says – I know how to accessorize.

It says – this is me whether you like it or not.

So go out there and represent yourself with Cute Shoes.

*It cracks me up that I posted a picture of the shoes that I happen to have on at the moment – not cute shoes.

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