A Hashtag and Identity

I am reading quite a few articles about how brands and businesses integrate hashtags into all of their communication.  It is not enough to have an amazing commercial or image on an ad.  You can easily be found with a hashtag.  I was reading an article that suggested that a hashtag gives your credibility.

The hashtag can be what you are known for or even how someone might know you.  A hashtag can not only be an identity marker, you might use a hashtag to represent your identity.  You might wrap your identity around a hashtag.  What a thought.

Hashtags used to be modifiers.  They have now become much more.  They seem to be who someone or something might be.  It went from saying what it is you’re about to saying who you are.

If that’s the case, what would your hashtag be?  What’s your hashtag that represents your identity?  Tweet me @lemness and share your #idhashtag.

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