Everyone Has a Pen

I visited an art gallery a few months back.  The owner was such a nice guy – showing us all of his work.  Of course – he was willing to show his work so that we can buy something.  He was a photographer and had some stunning images of the island that we happened to be on.  There were wonderful images in larger formats – massive pieces, but there was a collection of images that really caught my attention.

He had a series of panoramic pictures that he had taken on his iPhone.  An iPhone. And he was willing to share the fact that he used an iPhone to take these amazing photos.  Not only did he share this bit of information, he shared his method and technique for taking such stunning panoramic images from his iPhone.  I asked him why he was so willing to share all of this information.  Not only did he tell me the format, he shared his method and technique.  He said, “Everyone has a pen, but not everyone can write.”



Here’s the image that capture my attention.  Here’s his website – http://petercfisher.com/

He didn’t share everything, but he was confident enough in his ability to share some of it.  He taught me that a certain level of confidence and skill allowed him to share some of his insider information.  He did not see it as a threat to his business and his sense of identity by sharing this information.  The stronger your sense of identity is – the more willing you are to share and give insight – to help other people develop their sense of identity.  Maybe it’s the teacher in me that loved the insight, but I definitely admired the sense of identity.

I’d like to think that we could all do this for someone else.  Everyone has a Pen.

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