The Identity Formation of Today’s Youth

10014576_10202111193892425_7911822114677315649_nOkay, so the title might be a bit misleading.  I can’t speak about every single youth out there, but after spending some time with them, you kinda start getting the basic gist of what some of them are experiencing.

Here’s the thing – I don’t think today’s youth are dealing with anything different than what I was dealing with when I was an adolescent.  There are definitely newer things that today’s youth deal with, but at the core of who they are – it’s basically the same things.

The thing I noticed this past week about today’s youth is that they aren’t talking about what they are struggling with. They almost don’t need to. Everything is being shared on social media. They show it.

They share what eat. They share what they drink. They share what they go through and with who there are with at the time. They share so much of what is going in their life, that they don’t have to talk about what they struggle with because they show it.

To be honest – I probably didn’t talk to people about my struggles, but I had the choice to share with who I wanted to share. Everything is so public today.

I grew up hearing that a child should be seen and not heard. Well, every kid with a smart phone has the opportunity to be seen and heard. You can even see how many likes a post might get.

I wonder if this is a factor of delayed adolescence. It might seem that this creates within them a Peter Pan Mentality – where they grow old but never grow up.


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