Everyone Overcompensates

Everyone overcompensates.

Everyone has insecurities.

Everyone has ADD.

We all talk to ourselves.  Some of us are actually kind to ourselves.

We all get lonely sometimes.

We all need friends.

We all get hungry.

We all think about what other people think about us – but many of us don’t really know that for sure.

Everyone wants to get an A – okay – maybe not everyone, but many do.

Everyone needs affirmation.

Everyone could use a counselor, therapist, mentor, or just someone to hold them accountable.

We all have (or had) moms that “just know.”

We all have cravings.

We all need to know or understand before we can move on – Okay, so maybe this is mainly an American thing.

We all need rest.

We all build an identity in the younger years, and hope that we gain the wisdom to only hold on to the ones that we really want to reflect us.

You’re still special and unique.  There is no one like you.  You were created – fearfully and wonderfully.  God broke the mold when he created you – and your identical twin.  But even though you are special…..

EVERYONE overcompensates – Leaders more than anyone.

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