Joshua Wilderness Institute #JWI15

Last week I got to go to the Joshua Wilderness Institute – a discipleship program up at Hume Lake Christian Camps.  I’ve gone the last two years, And I always learn so much from my experience.  I just wanted to share what I learned from the students at the JWI.  I get to talk about culture, but we always end up talking about way more. It’s fun to get to teach, but I definitely learn quite a bit myself.

It was really interesting to interact with students who were so willing to share their struggles.  I was impressed by their honesty.  You were willing to jump into the exercises during the talks.

In many ways the students struggle with the same thing that I struggle with.  And then in other ways, it just seems so young. I got to remember that I was once that age.  It was an honor and privilege to get to share with them.


Here I just a few things that I learned:

1. You guys are all pretty smart.  You can all add that word to your story.

2. It was really fun talk to you guys about the MBTI.  It helped me to get to know you better.

3. It was great to try stuff out and you let me work out some of my material. I realize that you don’t know what was new because you had never heard it before, but you all helped so much.

4. You all really have the ability to think deeply about your stories. I’m excited to see how you will continue to write your stories. I am looking forward to hearing about it throughout the year.

5. You’re all gracious with me. Because of your willingness to share, I felt safe enough to share some of my stuff. Thank you very much.


I can only lead you to where I’ve been. We journey along together. You help me just as much as I help you. You teach me just as much as I have taught you.

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