What’s Already In You

As I write this – I think about how simple this idea is, but sometimes it’s the simple ones that really stand out and grabs my attention.  This idea has.

When something is done to us – we will typically “blame” our response or reaction on the person that has done something to us.  Don’t get me wrong – we are entitled to those feelings and responses that come up, but those actions done to us simply activate or touch What’s Already In You.

I can’t make you mad, but I can activate the “mad” that’s already in you.

I don’t really make you happy.  I just touch that “happy” that’s already in you.

When you hear music that moves you, it’s the “moves” in your that expresses itself in some wonderful ways.

For sure – the things that you do will activate what’s already in there in other people, but you can’t take that personally.

We put out into the world, that stuff that’s already in there.  This perspective will only work for a certain level of identity development.  Not everyone will be able to see things in this way, but it will bring out of you – What’s Already in You.



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