The “Not Knowing” Spectrum

Here’s an idea that I’m working out.

We can sometimes get stuck in our functional dualism that it’s difficult to see things beyond it. It’s either we know something or we don’t know something, but it is a simple dichotomy that just doesn’t work because it doesn’t capture all of the ways of knowing.

Even as I write this – I wrote down “Not Knowing” – “Knowing” – “Not Needing to Know”.

It doesn’t even fit in a spectrum – because there’s a type of “not knowing” that can be ignorance or even arrogance, but there’s also a “not knowing” that is a type of neutral “not knowing” – simply because you’re not mature enough or just haven’t experienced something.

But beyond “Not Knowing” and “Knowing” – there is this “Not Needing to Know” that I am really interested in. I think it’s a level of maturity or development where you can just be in this “Not Needing to Know” and can just be present in the tension.

I guess “Not Needing to Know” can also be ignorance or arrogance, but I’m wondering what this space looks like. I feel like I know it in some areas, but it’s so ingrained in me to “need to know” that I’m working on this new place to be present in.

I guess it helps to think beyond this dichotomy and think of it in this new way – the “Not Needing to Know” way.

What do you think? What do you know? Help me.

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