Imago Dei and Identity

The Imago Dei. The Image of God.

I have been thinking through these ideas for a little bit now. Just processing the implications of some of these ideas. I have read a few things about it – and I will continue to read more about it – which will ultimately shape my ideas about it. It has been a fascinating study and meditation on this concept. It really does help me with my identity, but then it also helps me to see other people.

If you believe in the Imago Dei, you would believe that the Imago Dei is in everyone, that all humans were created in the Imago Dei, the Image of God. That means that the Imago Dei is in each and everyone of us, and if the Imago Dei is in everyone of us, we have the ability to create and create more.

I am really interested in this idea. There are many ways that we find expression of the Imago Dei.

One of the ways we can express the Imago Dei is when we create. Part of the Imago Dei is that each human has the ability to create – like the ability to create more humans and also the ability to create things – art, music, videos, blogs, and graffiti.

I think one of the other ways that we can interact with the Imago Dei is when we just sit in creation. There is a connection with creation that connects us to the Imago Dei. There are many ways and expressions of it – walking barefoot in nature, climbing El Capitan, snowboarding down a mountain – lots of ways.

And there’s something about connecting with the Imago Dei in ourselves – when we do these things – that really allow us to connect with the Imago Dei in others. It helps us to see the Imago Dei in other people. The Image of God connects us in some amazing, divine way.

If Identity is our sense of being then the Imago Dei in all of us shapes that sense of being. It’s the thing that connects us in community – and only in community can we really find expression of identity. Being able to see your uniqueness and individuality in community is your identity.

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