Executive Director at the Firs

I took on a new role last month. I have accepted the role of Executive Director at the Firs – a retreat and conference center in Bellingham, Washington. At the retreat center location there is also a preschool, after school program, day camp, as well as a summer camp on another location just 6 miles down the road on 120 acres. There’s even a chalet up near Mt. Baker.

I have never done anything like this before, and I am pretty excited about the challenge that this role will provide. I am blessed with an amazing team, and I will have the opportunity to rebuild a few parts of the team.

The Firs has been around for 100 years and has a rich tradition and history of the many lives that it has touched and has been changed by their time there. We want to continue the legacy of all that we are blessed to run and excited about the next hundred years of the Firs.

I have really enjoyed the analogy of the Fir tree to describe what we get to do there. The vast and intricate root system allows the tree to continue to grow and reach new and grow into spaces that the tree has never been. The legacy and rich history of the past roots the new spaces that we will move and grow into.

It is incredibly humbling to get to lead an organization with a rich history of God doing some incredible things. There has been a history of lots of Bible teaching and Missionary emphasis. Lots of campers have come to experience the love of God in an incredible outdoor setting at the day camp and summer camp. Families and the community avail themselves of the afterschool care and preschool.

Many find time away from the grind of the weekly schedule either at the Retreat Center or the Chalet up in the mountains. I truly want to create a space where anyone can get away from the hustle and bustle of life and just come and connect with God, themselves, and their community.

If you want more information and you want to come check it out, I invite out to come and see what we have going on at the retreat center. Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have any other questions.

5 thoughts on “Executive Director at the Firs

  1. So thrilled you’re part of the team. My family and I have been shaped by the Firs and still try to host at the Chalet once a month or so. We are praying for your transition, your encouragement, and your future with The Firs.

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