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I started this blog as a way to work out some identity formation ideas while I was writing my doctoral dissertation. Most of the posts are still here. These days, I still use it to work out ideas.  I work out my thoughts about certain ideas.  Most of these ideas are in transit – and not fully formed, but writing about it helps me to do so – so keep that in mind. But hopefully it brings something up for you.  Thanks for checking things out, and let me know what you think.

Identity Specialist is the blog of Lem Usita.  Identity Specialist is my attempt at sharing my ideas with you.  I am an Educator and a Learner.  I am passionate about many things.  I enjoy my interactions with people, and this is a new medium that I’m trying to make more connections.  If you’re only going to read one post from my blog – read the one that tells you what I love most about my blog.  Audio post for this page. My research focus is Identity Formation.  I teach Leadership as well as Education.  I share on here both what I am learning as well as what I am teaching.  I might not necessarily tell you in each post which of the two I’m doing, but share with me what you are learning and what you are teaching.  I am not a specialist in identity theft.  I study Identity from a developmental and theoretical perspective.


The Ideas section will focus on my ideas, and I understand that I will not come up with many original ones.  I will also be sharing reviews on books that I have read since starting this blog.  This is where I will write about the Ideas that I am enjoying at the moment.

The section on Identity will be thoughts about Identity Formation which is the focus of my research.  I am most interested in Identity Formation in online spaces.  You will find all of the Identity posts listed here.

The Influence is based on the idea that having Ideas and knowing Identity is useless unless it is used.  In this section, I write about how I use Ideas and Identity to Influence.  I have added a section on Leadership Lessons – lessons that I am learning and not necessarily the ones that I am teaching.

A Note About the Images: Most of the images on the posts have been taken from the Internet.  Several are mine.  If you own any of the pictures that I have used, please let me know and I will gladly reference you and your picture or take it down.

Thank you for visiting.  Walk with me on my journey.  Please subscribe to my blog through email or rss feed.  Also, follow me @lemness on Twitter or on Facebook.


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