Kate Gosselin’s Identity Formation

She was all over the news this morning.  I guess she was on the Today show.  I only heard the clip over the airwaves this morning.  So many people out there aren’t big fans of her or Jon, but they still talk about it (because it’s easier to talk about other poeple’s drama rather than their own – click here).

Listening to the clip today though, she did seem to contradict herself.  She can’t seem to get her story straight and she’s all over the place.  People over the airwaves couldn’t make sense of her logic as she argued her point.

She is in a state of her identity formation where one identity is being played out and another identity is seemingly opposed to that first identity.  There is a dis-integration of her identities.  One is really sad and crying, and one is really angry.  Both are very real to her.  Both pull at her.  She’s kinda stuck between the two.  Because of that – it all makes sense to her.  She can “not make sense” to us and totally make sense to herself.  It’s where she’s at.  You can’t really tell her to be logical – as much as she’s able to – she is being logical.

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