Taking It for Granted

Because I’ve been writing on this blog, I think of things to write.  As I do things, I think of what I do a little differently.  I’m not thinking about what to write all the time, but I do think about the lessons that I’m learning as I’m doing things.

I don’t know when inspiration will hit, but it hits sometimes at the weirdest times.  Tonight, DC and I had ramen noodles.  We had a huge lunch so we weren’t in the mood for a huge meal so we had ramen noodles.

I thought back to my childhood.  I ate a ton of ramen noodles growing up.  I would make 2 packs and throw and egg in it.  It was a main staple during college.  I think I should start another blog just for ramen noodles – 101 ways to eat ramen noodles.

As I was making noodles tonight, I thought about how growing up, we always had them.  I mean, whenever I wanted ramen noodles, I could go to the kitchen and in the food pantry – there would be a pack or two of ramen noodles.  Always.  There was never a conversation between my mom and I where I told her how much I love it and needed it.  It would just be there.

Now, I just bought some tonight – 5 for $1.00.  Maybe that’s why we always had it growing up, but it made me think of all the things that I took for granted as a little kid.  I need to call my mom and tell her – she doesn’t read my blog.

Here’s tonight’s noodles.

Photo 5

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