Internet Hot

Someone did a search today for “Internet Hotness Conversion Factor.”  The reason that I know that is that they did a search for that phrase and found my blog post entitled Internet Hotness Conversion Factor – check it.  It’s not an amazing post, but what trips me out more than someone searching for it is that I have a post by that title.

In checking it out, I came across this.  Internet Hot.  Once again, surprised to find it, but even more surprised to find it in a dictionary.  Here’s the entry:

Used as an adjective: When someone (particularly a picture of someone on the Internet) has a hotness level inversely proportional to the skill level in photoshop it would take to make an average person reach that level of hotness. This is best used for profiles on dating sites where the person has had ‘professional’ photos made for their profile.

Here’s the url.

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