My Boston Identity

I watched Boston beat Orlando tonight – while having lovely dinner with DC.

Now, I am a Laker fan.  My Father-in-Law is a huge Laker fan.  It’s a requirement to be in my in-law’s family.  I will cheer the Lakers everytime – except for when they play Boston.

You know those times – growing up – when you experience something so big that it sticks with you for the rest of your life.  It becomes a part of your identity.  You see, years ago when it was LA and Boston in the finals for years (the Magic Johnson and Larry Bird years), my dad was a Laker fan.  He rooted for the Lakers and I was at the point in my life that I had to cheer against my dad which meant that I became a Boston fan.  I mean, it was something that happened for years right.

I thought about this tonight when at the end of the game, someone had a “Beat LA” shirt.  So both of my Fathers are Lakers fans.  But just like a few years ago and hopefully next week Thursday.  I’ll be a Boston Celtics fan – for a few weeks anyway.

When it’s your identity, you can’t stop.

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