You Are Your Team

We identify with the teams that we watch.  We cheer for for the team because ultimately, we are cheering for ourselves.  The NBA championship series is on, and once again I’m polishing off my Boston Identity for the next few weeks until…..well, until they win.

If you can’t tell – I’m watching SportsCenter right now and the teams that lost last night are being interviewed.

What stands out to me this time around though is that the players definitely recognize the fact that their fans are a part of the team.  They understand that when they go out to play – even though they are being played millions to play – that they play for their fans.  

Dwight Howard had said that the fans deserve a championship, and he took responsibility for wanting to deliver that to fans and the city.  I’m not a big fan of Dwight Howard (I don’t identify with him), but I definitely respect the classy move by Howard.

A few nights ago, I was talking to my Father-in-Law (he identifies with the Lakers – and normally I do to unless Boston is playing) and I was telling him how much I wanted the Magic to lose.  He asked me – “What do you have against the Magic?  What did they ever do to you?”  Honestly, nothing.  They’ve done nothing to me, but that’s because I don’t identify with them at all.

The teams that we watch are our teams.  When they lose – we lose.  When they win – we win.  Have you ever seen true fans at a bar after a great play from their team?  Have you ever seen true fans of both teams at the bar and the trash-talking that happens when fans are inebriated?

When you watch your team, you are in the game.  The emotions are real.  The anger is real.  The joy and the jumping is real.  And the pain of losing in the interview is the same pain that you feel.  The only thing that’s better than watching your team win though – is getting your lazy butt out of the couch and actually being active.  Being a couch athlete is the worse kind, and if your athletics just comes out of your mouth along with all of your excuses for why you can’t, you’ll find that no one wants to be on your team.  (Man, where did that come from?)

If you’ve made it this far – thank you for reading.

What team do you identify with?  Who’s on yours?

2 thoughts on “You Are Your Team

  1. I love this post! It’s one of your long ones. =) …. Anyways, I happen to like Boston, well, love Boston! I identify with the city, its food, its colleges, and its teams! Why? I loved Boston before I ever visited. I wanted to take pictures of the brick buildings at firs…then I fell in love with Boston’s old history and present. Although this has nothing to do with THE TEAMS…haha….I love and identify myself with Boston’s sports teams! And many of my die hard friends who hate them can’t believe where I stand. Oh well……lol!

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