Identity Consulting

If you Google Identity Consulting, you will find pages having to do with business and corporate identity.  You will get promises of how other companies can help you develop your brand and identity.

I think there’s a market for personal identity consulting – not just to figure out your brand, but to help you figure out yourself.

It’s not easy.  It’s kinda like therapy but instead of figuring out something that is not going right, identity consulting can just be used to help one figure out who they are and what unrealistic expectations drive the way that they do things.

Identity consulting can help you figure out what you were created for mainly by creating the right identity structure that best reflects who you truly are.  I think that people are wanting to figure out who they are, but the process allows you create that identity.  You choose it.  You figure out what that looks like.  It’s not like it’s something out there – it’s already in you.

The proces is different for everyone, and there is no one process that works for everyone.  If you are interested in an identity consult, let me know.  Let’s create an identity for you.

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