LL35: Deadliest Catch Lesson

I’m watching Deadliest Catch-you know, working the deadliest job in the world.  There are a ton of leadership lessons on the show – if you can see past the drama.

In the particular show, they are just starting the season and there are new crew members for most of the boats on this season.  One boat made one of their new greenhorns do a radar test.  It had nothing to do with the radar and everything to do with followership.  The boat captain’s line is the lesson – A crew member willing to do anything for the captain is priceless.  There’s a high level of trust there.

The leader is only as strong as his crew.  The trust of the captain is key.  A crew member that doesn’t trust makes for a weak team.  Thank you Deadliest Catch for the leadership lesson.

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